Black Panther

- ancient and powerful spirit guide


Master Tan obtain this sacred log that resemblance of a jumping fiery black panther back in 1990. It was a lucky day when Master on his trekking routine to collect traditional herbs than he come across with this log. Master immediately felt the bonding between them and the energy that spreads out from the log. It was then Master decided to brought the log in his home. After a proper ritual, and some restoration works, now that the black panther residue in Master’s residence.

Black Panther’s Power is includes astral travel, guardian energy, symbol of the feminine, death and rebirth, understanding of death, reclaiming ones power, ability to know the dark, aggressiveness and power without solar influence, reclaiming Power.

The Panther is a very ancient and powerful spirit guide. Their power is lunar (moon). In Egyptian rites, a panther tail was worn around the neck or waist to help protect and strengthen the individual. Panther has been a symbol of the “Argos of a Thousand Eyes,” who protected the heifer IO whom Zeus loved. After his death, the eyes were moved to the feathers of the peacock.

The name panther is frequently linked with a certain species of leopard or jaguar and sometimes the cougar. Black panthers are smaller but more fierce than lions and tigers. They are also brilliant swimmers and agile climbers. Because they have the ability to sprint with great speed, they hold the teachings of quick decisive action. Panthers are not the best long distant runners though, so those with this power animal should take part in movement therapies that improve endurance, e.g. swimming, martial arts. It is necessary to learn how to pace oneself, to not push to fast or hard on any one task.